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Claudia Jessup Multiple Myeloma Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jon Richards, husband of myeloma survivor Claudia Jessup, drew this illustration of her Seed of Hope token ceremony.

“I had multiple myeloma, and I have been in complete remission since my second transplant in September 2005.

This experience with cancer has exacerbated my appreciation of the fact that one has to truly enjoy every single lovely moment that life has to offer and not dwell on the negatives. I learned the true meaning of being here now and taking everything one day at a time. And also the value of surrender, letting go of plans and expectations and simply viewing the experience as just that, another of life’s adventures.

I cannot gloss over the fact that in my healing curve it was often a case of one giant step forward and two baby steps back, but I was never alone. Besides the unconditional support of my family and friends, I was cared for and comforted on a daily basis by the UAMS-MIRT doctors, nurses, technicians and staff. And the other patients were always around to share, inspire and encourage.

I’m alive and thriving and absolutely no one would have taken a bet on that fact eight years ago. My life is thanks to Dr. Barlogie, all the researchers and every single person at the institute.”

Claudia Jessup
Multiple Myeloma
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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  • Maxwell James

    Hello Claudia,

    My name is Max Mangold, I’m a journalism student at the University of Arizona, and I’m writing an article revolving around communication’s importance in cancer recovery and treatment. I saw this blog post and thought you’d be a good person to contact, and bring an interesting perspective to my piece.

    I want to hear your journey and know how communication effected your well-being during recovery, it’s role in that process and how it changed your perceived response to the medicine. Also I’m interested if you used exercise such as yoga, meditation or whatever, to help clear your mind and reach a sense of well-being or optimism.

    I’m on a deadline, so please let me know a convenient time to contact you, or feel free to call me whenever at 716-908-7777. I look forward to speaking with you soon and if there are others you believe I should contact please pass along their emails. Thanks.


    Maxwell J. Mangold
    University of Arizona
    Daily Wildcat News Reporter
    (716) 908-7777