Gardy Wallace | Colorectal Cancer Survivor

“Since being diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer in 2013, I look at life in a much different way. I have always been told that life is short, but I feel like it is long enough if you don’t take anything for granted. The team at UAMS and my loving sister gave me the greatest comfort and support during my … Read More

chadleyGardy Wallace | Colorectal Cancer Survivor

Michelle Lynchard | Non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor

“Since I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in April 2012 I have become more free about showing my feelings and my love for others. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you have to keep faith and hope alive. I found my greatest comfort from my two girls. I look forward to regaining my strength and staying healthy. I’m celebrating a new … Read More

chadleyMichelle Lynchard | Non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor

Alice Smart | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

“In 2011, I had a job in North Dakota at a cafeteria for people who work in the oil industry when I started having back pain. I knew it was time to come home, so I drove myself 1,900 miles back to Louisiana. I went to the doctors there, but they didn’t have the expertise I needed. They referred me … Read More

chadleyAlice Smart | Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Maria DeAnn Shields-Marley – Ovarian Cancer Survivor

“I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer on Friday, June 13, 2008. Going through this experience has made me value life more. I want to make the most of every day. My greatest support came from my family, my friends and the good care I received at UAMS. My doctors and their staff are like family. I hope to … Read More

chadleyMaria DeAnn Shields-Marley – Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Jeannie Adams | Lung Cancer Survivor

“Having lung cancer made me realize the importance of the simple things in life and how often I took them for granted. This experience has changed me forever and in every way. My eyes are opened to the things that truly matter, and the things used to matter have started to mean less and less. Whatever happens to us, we … Read More

adminJeannie Adams | Lung Cancer Survivor

Terri Turner | Rectal Cancer Survivor

“Since being diagnosed in December 2009, I’ve learned to stop worrying about the things I can’t control. My greatest comfort has come from the Lord and my daughter. I hope now to be able to share more time with my family and to take care of them, as they have taken care of me. The Seed of Hope ceremony made … Read More

adminTerri Turner | Rectal Cancer Survivor

RL Gates | Colorectal Cancer Survivor

“If I knew someone else who was diagnosed with cancer, I would tell them to come to UAMS and to trust their doctor. I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer five years ago and have been a patient of Dr. Laryea. My nurses and my doctor are my friends and family. You never know what you will go through, and you … Read More

adminRL Gates | Colorectal Cancer Survivor

Gennaya Colbert | Endometrial Cancer Survivor

“In May 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometrial cancer. Yesterday I completed my treatment. I’ve learned that nothing is impossible. It may feel like you can’t make it, but you can. Having other people to lean on helped me stand tall. They kept me going. My church, Calvary Bread of Life, was there for me and helped me … Read More

chadleyGennaya Colbert | Endometrial Cancer Survivor

Tammy Green | Cervical Cancer Survivor

I think March of 2013 changed not only myself but every person who is in my life. It was not that moment when I heard I had cancer that totally shocked me,and I hear a lot of people say hearing those words were probably the worst day of their lives. It was undeniably without any doubt my daughter, Haley, and … Read More

chadleyTammy Green | Cervical Cancer Survivor

Carylon Jurcik | Tongue Cancer Survivor

“In late 2008, I could feel a bump on the back of my tongue. It wasn’t sore, but I didn’t know what it was. I went to my doctor in Clarksville who referred me to an oral surgeon. I took a round of antibiotics, but they didn’t help. The doctor ordered a biopsy, and the results came back as Stage … Read More

chadleyCarylon Jurcik | Tongue Cancer Survivor